Brandon Raynor has spent many years on refining his massage courses. And the result is appreciated by hundreds of massage students worldwide year after year.

To be honest: We don’t know why most of the massage courses out there focus over 50% of their instruction time on excessively learning and drilling the Latin names for the muscles (anatomy) and physiological terms. Completing a simple Anatomy coloring book at home could easily and inexpensively cover the same information.

Most massage therapy schools also dedicate a lot of time in their massage courses to teaching you repetitive massage routines. These routines are not designed to treat the specific and individual needs of your clients. Bearing that in mind, you will understand that what really makes Brandon Raynor’s Massage School unique is that we make sure that you only learn what you will actually need as a massage practitioner: Hands-on practice and the ability to build your treatment around the needs of your clients. That’s we can guarantee that we will teach you a better quality massage faster and more cost effectively than most other programs.

Additionally, you will benefit from our approach not only by saving money on course fees. Upon obtaining your qualifications (via our 5 day massage certificate and 10 day massage diploma courses) you will also be able to start practicing as a professional massage therapist sooner thereby earning money sooner at your new exciting career as a massage therapist!

Today, more and more people are realizing how Brandon Raynor’s massage technique can make a profound difference in their health and well being. Our intensive, hands-on massage therapy courses emphasize all the relevant points of professionalism, empathy, communication, technique, and correct pressure. The foundation of our massage training is practice. This will give you confidence and powerful massage ability coupled with a caring and genuine manner – a winning combination that is becoming synonymous with Brandon Raynor’s Massage School.

More over, our students are taught to actually relieve people of deep seated emotional and/or physical ailments where a lot of other treatments – massage and otherwise – have failed. Given this, I thoroughly recommend our massage courses to any aspiring student of massage and Naturopathy and warmly wish you all the best in your new career.

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